Organ & Tissue Donation MythBuster #101

Organ Donation MythBuster 101 - WORDS - NEW2

Today is #MythBustingThursday! We are Busting Myths about Organ and Tissue Donation.

There are many myths and misconceptions about donation that people believe to be true.  Listed below you will find Myth #101, a commonly heard myth people often site for not designating themselves as organ and tissue donors, as well as the fact about this myth.  Stay Tuned for more #OrganDonationMythBusters

Myth #101 – If emergency room doctors know you’re an organ and tissue donor, they won’t work as hard to save you….

FACT – Medical professionals will do everything they can to save your life. The doctors who work to save your life are not the same doctors involved with organ donation. It is only after every attempt has been made to save your life that donation will be considered. In fact, from a medical standpoint, patients must receive the most aggressive lifesaving care in order to be potential organ donors.

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