Professional Partners

Connecting lives through organ and tissue donation relies on the generosity of donors and their families. It is the collaboration of many people, organizations and hospital partners that helps us link these gifts with recipients in our communities.

Flag-at-hospitalHospital Partners

The staff at Mid-South Transplant Foundation works closely with healthcare professionals at area hospitals, sharing best practices and critical information about organ and tissue donation. MSTF is proud of our health partners for consistently exceeding industry standards of excellence.


A commonly asked question about organ and tissue donation is: “Does my religion allow me to be a donor?” The truth is that all major religions in the United States support organ and tissue donation and see it as the final act of love and generosity toward others.

Workplace Partners

We want to work with you, the employer so that we can spread the value of organ and tissue donation in your workplace. Learn how your company can be part of this emerging trend.


Educating our diverse communities about the importance of organ and tissue donation and donor designation is critical to saving lives. By learning the facts about donation, individuals are empowered to make a decision, to register their wishes and inform their families.

Funeral Directors

We collaborate with our professional partners who share in making end-of-life processes as comforting for families as possible.

Medical Examiners & Coroners

Mid-South Transplant Foundation works closely with medical examiners and coroners throughout our service area to ensure successful outcomes for organ and tissue donation.