Employment Opportunities

Hospital Services Coordinator

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FLSA Status: Exempt
Classification: Full-time
Working Hours: Office hours per policy or hours dictated by workload and donor cases


  • Undergraduate degree in public relations, communications or business health administration, preferred
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Possess strong organization and interpersonal skills
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to practice with a high degree of autonomy in a self-directed manner, demonstrating innovation and creativity
  • Ability to work collaboratively within an interdisciplinary team
  • Valid driver’s license, reliable automobile, and proof of automobile insurance


This position is responsible for the planning and implementation of strategies and action plans to increase donation rates within assigned hospital. This individual is responsible for developing and nurturing relationships with key leaders and staff within these facilities and he/she will work in collaboration with hospital staff to implement the above mentioned strategies and plan. It is mandatory this individual maintain a professional demeanor and attitude at all times to project a positive image of the organization.


  • Ensures the development of an overall strategy to increase donation rates in the hospitals identified as having the highest donor potential
  • Collaborates with hospital administrators to create teams/ work groups within the hospitals to monitor donation rates and implement strategies to increase donation and promote donation awareness
  • Collaborates and provides assistance to hospital leadership to satisfy JCAHO standard TS.1.10
  • Identifies donation champions, including physicians and nurses, within the hospitals who will help foster an environment supportive of organ and tissue donation
  • Assists with the facilitation of communication with the entire healthcare team during the donor management, placement and potential recovery processes
  • Provides support to all appropriate hospital staff during the donation process
  • Schedules and conducts education programs for medical professionals including, but not limited to, nurses, medical students, nursing students, chaplains, respiratory therapists and other allied health professionals
  • Develops and maintains a schedule of professional educational activities to ensure all disciplines of the medical profession receive on-going education
  • Shares information with MSTF staff in all aspects of professional education to facilitate effectiveness of educational efforts