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Tissue Recovery Technician

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Classification: Full-time

Pay Method: Fixed salary with fluctuating hours

Working Hours:  Office hours per policy or hours dictated by workload.  Flexible; minimal 24 office hours, provides “on-call services’ for tissue recovery services as dictated by 24/7 call schedule, including holiday call 


  • Certified Surgical Technician, Surgical Assistant, Certified First Assistant, Physician’s Assistant, EMT, Paramedic, Autopsy Technician, LPN, RN or Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS), preferred
  • Must be familiar with sterile technique
  • Possess strong organization and interpersonal skills
  • Must use clinical thinking and be detail oriented
  • Must be an effective communicator
  • Have valid driver’s license, reliable automobile and proof of automobile insurance


This position is responsible for assisting with the recovery of musculoskeletal and/or cardiovascular tissues and for maximizing the donor family gift through advanced tissue recovery techniques.


  • Respond to referrals in timely manner, ideally within 5-10 minutes
  • Communicate with the Administrator-On-Call or his/her designee on all potential tissue recovery cases
  • Perform initial assessment of potential donor and determine medical suitability for tissue donation and communicates appropriate information to the tissue processors 
  • Facilitate ongoing communication with the health care team, funeral home and family during the evaluation of referred potential tissue donors 
  • Coordinate tissue recovery with hospital staff, transport staff and other tissue recovery personnel, including per diems 
  • Assure completion of all essential donor paperwork in accurately and timely manner and assist with chart completion for tissue recovery cases
  • Transport tissue recovery supplies to the recovery facility, i.e., hospital, funeral home, etc.
  • Report to recovery site or office to facilitate donation at the scheduled time as communicated by the Administrator-On-Call or his/her designee
  • Responsible for ensuring transport of the body when necessary to facilitate donation
  • Responsible for obtaining, reviewing and copying hospital medical records
  • Responsible for physical examination of the donor and documentation to  determine donor suitability
  • Prepare the recovery facility for the tissue recovery process
  • Recover tissues utilizing aseptic technique and following all MSTF policies, procedures and protocols
  • Responsible for collecting and labeling blood samples for the processing agency and the medical examiner, as applicable
  • Responsible for packaging and labeling tissues and all biopsy samples and arranging shipment of tissue to processing agency and/or lab
  • Responsible for post-recovery procedures including, but not limited to:  donor reconstruction, cleaning and disinfection of donor recovery site, mopping of floors, disposal of biohazard waste and cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments
  • Participate in training sessions provided by MSTF to learn new policies, procedures and protocols for tissue recovery, including, but not limited to: patient assessment of donor suitability, consent, medical/social history, tissue recovery procedures, case reviews, review of variances and deviations, etc. 
  • Assist with training of tissue recovery staff as deemed appropriate by the Tissue Recovery Coordinator/Trainer or his/her designee