Workplace Partners

The Workplace Partners for Life is a national initiative that unites the U.S. Department of Health Human Services (HHS) with the organ and tissue donation community and businesses, organizations and associations.

Workplace Partners make a commitment to educate and inspire their employees, members, volunteers and/or customers about the need for donation and provide opportunities for them to register as donors. They can help increase donation in their community and provide those waiting with a second chance at life.

With your endorsement, we will customize and coordinate our Workplace Partners for Life program with your company to provide your employees with information through:
• Promotional materials
• Brochures and posters
• Lunch ‘n Learn speakers
• Materials for health fairs
• Banner ads
• On-site Registration Day

To learn more about these and other educational resources through our Workplace Partners for Life program, please contact the Community Outreach Department at 901-328-4438 or toll free at 877-228-5433.